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Ochocinco Needs a Big Day For the Patriots

Chad-ocho-cinco1Chad Ochocinco may have been one of the key players for the Cincinnati Bengal's in his time there, but he is no longer a Bengal and has clearly not been playing like the guy he was while he was one. What Ochocinco needs to do tonight is simple. Make big plays, catch alot of balls, and run for alot of yards.

To date Ochocinco has only 9 receptions for 136 yards, and has spent most of his time standing on the sideline. All of this is in spite of the fact that he is indeed the number 3 reciever for the Patriots. With Wes Welker likely covered by Darelle Revis, the Patriots' passing game could truly be forced to rely on Ochocinco's ability to win one on one matchups against Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. If Ochocinco is able to deliver a breakthrough performance in this key AFC East matchup, he could finally show his colors as an impact playmaker for his coach Bill Belichick and his Patriots team. 

A recent twitter post has demonstrated that Ochocinco knows where he stands and he is not acting like he doesnt. A fan asked him this question, "Why dont you host dinners for your fans when you go to away games like you did last year?" Ochocinco's acknowledgement of his lack of performance came in his response to that comment. He said, "I have not earned the right to do so." Its as simple as that it seems. 

As a Bengal Ochochinco was a key impact player and was a force not to be messed with. He began his career as a Bengal in 2001 and in his second season had 5 touchdowns and an astonishing 1, 166 yards. From there his career would only take a rocket to the awesome column. His season career high for touchdowns is 10 and his yards high is 1,440.  Not at all what we have seen with him as a Patriot. Sad to see, but maybe a true kick in the butt is what this new man in town needs to get his shoes back on the turf. 

So what is to blame for Ochocinco's lack of performance? Although there is not much in terms of proof it is safe to make the assumption that the Patriots very difficult playbook may be one of his problems. In Cincinatti is was clear Ochocinco had the book memorized like the back of his hand, but I think anyone who is anyone would know that the Patriots book is surely a far cry from that of the Bengals. 

Maybe Ochocinco needs to get his study on a little harder. 

Ochocinco and the Patriots face the Jets tonight at 830. Lets see what he's got in his tank. 


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