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NBC Cans Anna Kournikova from “Biggest Loser” and the Contestant that Brought Her Down

When Jillian Michaels left “Biggest Loser” last season, the show announced that former tennis star and a woman of men’s affection would take over as a trainer.

It wasn’t cracked up to what is was supposed to be.

To be fair, Anna Kournikova got the “senior” group from the Battle of the Ages (Season 12).

One contestant, Bonnie Griffin, did not like working with Kournikova at all.

She felt that Kournikova did not pay attention to her and when she did, she treated the 63-year-old like a youngster in the pool, yelling at her to work harder.

So when contestants got a chance to switch trainers and Bonnie got Dolvette, she was ecstatic. Dolvett_quince

She smiled the whole time she ran on the treadmill.

Dolvette worked her hard, but the difference?

He knew how to treat her.

“This woman is tough,” Dolvett Quince said on one show. “She has been through Katrina and the loss of her husband.”

Kournikova said she grew up poor in Russia. Who is not poor there?

Dolvette was adopted and understands hardship.

So Dolvette worked Griffin hard, but after the workout, he had some advice for her.

He asked her if she ever wants to date again and suggested she write a letter to her dead husband, asking for approval if she wanted to date and letting her feeling out.

Kournikova got a different group and thrived after initial discord.

She worked contestants out on the tennis court and they loved it. Kournikova and tennis

But for as pretty as Kournikova is, she has the personality of a dead fish.

So NBC canned her.

Anna Kournikova, you are not The Biggest Loser.



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