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Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues

It has been an up and down kind of week.  The Lions got smacked by the Bears on Sunday but then Verlander goes out and gets a unanimous Cy Young award win.  Wilson Ramos got himself kidnapped in Venezuela but then he went and got himself rescued as well.  Like I said, it has been up and down.

Luckily, during the down times, there's always one place I can go to feel better: the highway.

Seriously, could anything make you feel better than the Russian motorcycle sidecar band?

Actually, there probably is one thing.  Winning a prize from Crown Royal by proving that you're RSBS' biggest fan.  We're still waiting for more of those pictures so get out there and show us your RSBS spirit!




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Hahaha I wonder if it's the latter news is the down part for you? And yes, the Russian motorcycle sidecar band totally rocks!

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