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Who's the Next Eagles Defensive Coordinator? Could be Milt Thompson..

The Eagles' decision to make Juan Castillo their Defensive Coordinator is proving to be a disaster.  Taking an offensive line coach and moving him over to the defense just doesn't seem to be working.  It was worth a try, but it's time for the Eagles try a different approach.  Perhaps a Major League Baseball hitting coach will do the trick!

Milt Thompson Eagles New Defensive CoordinatorInsane, right?  Of course it's insane!  But then again, so is trying to convert an Offensive Line Coach into a Defensive Coordinator at a professional level.  Now that we have established the fact that the Eagles are completely off their rocker, why not entertain the idea of another off-the-wall move?  The idea. . . make Milt Thompson the new Defensive Coordinator!  

This could really be a win-win for both sides:  

  • The Eagles have no interest in filling the role of Defensive Coordinator with anyone that possesses a defensive mind. 
  • Milt Thompson has had zero success in a coaching role that he "supposedly" understands. Thompson was the hitting coach for one of the most dangerous offenses in baseball when he worked for the Phillies.  Yet, they often looked like the "Bad News Bears."  Eventually the Phils came to their senses and released Thompson.  Ed Wade quickly jumped at the opportunity to acquire sub-par talent and scooped him up in Houston.  They were the only team to lose 100-games.  They lost 106! 

The Eagles believe a successful defense begins with a coordinator that doesn't really understand what he's doing.  Milt Thompson doesn't understand what he's doing in a role he's actually suppose to understand.  He certainly will have no idea how to run a defense.  As crazy as it seams, it just might work!


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You will have to peel him away from Ed Wade... Then there is an idea. Why don't the Eagles hire Ed Wade? He will fit right in!

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