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Lethal Weapon 3: Starring Tom Brady, Chad Ochocinco—and, btw, Bill Belichick



Only Chad Ochocinco could make lemonade from lemons.

With a stay in New England that has inspired character assassins and radio blabmeisters to turn violent, Chad continues to thrive in the hot spotlight of the New England Patriots.

Ochocinco’s latest piece of insanity off the field is guaranteed to put him into the pantheon of Patriot legends whose on-field performance never touched the golden gleam of a Super Bowl ring.

The man who changes his Twitter avatar more frequently than he changes his camouflage shorts is at it again.

Ochocinco has placed a Photoshopped picture on his Twitter account that defies a humorist to tackle him. The best we can do is pass interference.

As the old journalistic adage of Mark Twain and James Thurber proved time and time again, you cannot satirize a satire. You cannot lambaste a lamb that is fricasseed already.

Ochocinco took one of the amusing Hollywood tandems of a generation ago, the Lethal Weapon movie concept, and pasted his face on Danny Glover and Tom Brady’s face on Mel Gibson on a poster from Lethal Weapon 3.

The two Patriots are wearing hair from 1992 and stand back-to back, holding their weapons at the ready. The film’s logo notes: “The Magic is Back Again.”

Perhaps the coup d’grace is the placement of a small Bill Belichick trying to squeeze between them, but barely peering over their shoulders, as did Joe Pesci in the original. Even the legendary coach is roasted with his name inserted into the credits haphazardly.

Teammates likely have posted this wanted sheet all around the locker-room to the ever-loosening humor of a team on a sudden upswing.

If there is a means to create camaraderie in the face of adversity, it is to put your team’s faces on a parody of the past. Chalk one up for Ochocinco.


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