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Joe Paterno: Eternally Penn State's Head Coach

Joe Paterno has been Penn State's Head Coach for nearly 50-years.  Sometimes it felt like he would never retire.  We all knew that day would eventually come, but we probably thought he would peacefully decide not to return one day.  Never would I have thought his reign would come to an abrupt end, fired in the middle of an 8-1 season.

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It's a bad day in the world of sports.  Paterno is a living legend.  He is Penn State football!  Countless people have grown up idolizing Paterno.  Every year the question arises, will he come back?  There are those who would say it's time to move on and pass the torch to someone else.  Most people would have him coach forever if they could.  If only for nostalgia purposes, we loved the fact that he continued to coach.  He has become a representation of everything that is Penn State football.  

He has become such an icon, his release is major breaking news.  You remember where you were on 9-11, chances are you'll remember where you were when you found out Joe Paterno was fired.  The reasons he was fired were justified, though you probably find yourself wishing he wasn't let go.  What he did was wrong, but deep down there's a fondness for JoePa that will have you wishing it just wasn't true! 

Saturday will be the first Penn State game that does not involve Joe Paterno since 1950.    


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