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How is LAUSD any different from the Dodgers?

Frank McCourt owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is paying his estranged wife Jamie McCourt $637,159 a month.

LAUSD continues to pay staff members no longer under contract and instead of firing lemon principals shifts them around or gives them cushy, better paying jobs downtown.

The McCourts took money from the Dodgers to support “four homes in the Los Angeles area, two in Massachusetts, a condominium in Vail, Colo., ranchland in Montana and undeveloped property in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.”

LAUSD pays for offices throughout the district and for the superfluous local district staffs.

The Dodgers reduced personnel including stadium security.

LAUSD laid off teachers and other personnel by the hundreds.

The McCourts had
“combined salaries of $7 million per year, plus $46 million to buy side-by-side oceanfront estates in Malibu, $27 million to buy side-by-side homes near the Playboy Mansion, additional properties in Massachusetts, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Mexico, $400 dinners and $1,000 per-night hotels, private jet travel around the world, even house calls from hairdressers and makeup artists.”

The LAUSD superintendent and other top district officials have perks and privileges such as cars, drivers, and fancy, clean offices while the schools are not kept clean.

There is an investigation regarding Dodger's charitable foundation, the Dodgers' Dream Foundation and its use of funds.

No one knows where the lottery funds for LAUSD are used.

The two McCourt sons, Drew and Travis, were on the Dodgers' payroll to the tune of $600,000 per year combined.

LAUSD has lots of bureaucracy on the payroll, especially administrators and bureaucrats who have never taught or worked at schools.

How is LAUSD any different from the Dodgers?


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