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Extra Umpires in the Playoffs Used Incorrectly

The Post-Season: With everything on the line, it's imperative that the correct calls are made.  Don't worry, Major League Baseball has taken necessary actions to ensure nothing is missed.  They've added two additional umpires.  

Extra Ump Stands Where One Already ExistsWow, what a great idea!  So many controversial calls along the fence all season long; fan interference, fair or foul, etc.  That's a great solution.  But wait.. the extra umpires don't stand along the fence - you know, the place where all the controversy is - they stand just a few feet behind the other guys almost in the infield.  That doesn't make any sense!

I've always wondered why they stand there.  I can't ever remember a controversial call between first base and the fence.  There are certainly controversial calls along the wall.  Ask the Orioles.  Remember when Derek Jeter hit a "fan interference" home run?  The Yankees were losing 4-3 when Jeter's fly ball was fielded by 12-year old Jeffrey Maier (not an Oriole), who conveniently deflected the ball into the stands.  The outfield umpire - who was standing somewhere near the infield - somehow didn't get a good look at the play and called it a home run.  It should have been an out!

Can anybody tell my why the extra umpires don't stand up against the wall?  It would only make sense.  They can stand right below the fair/foul pole, kind of like a football official standing underneath the upright on a field goal/extra point attempt.  That eliminates the fair/foul controversy.  Then, just in case a fan interferes - which happens often - they're right there to get that call right too.  

What exactly are they trying to catch standing on the skirts of the infield that the infield umpires are missing?  Nothing!  As Pink Floyd once said, "put em' up against the wall!"


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