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Don't Feel Sorry for Ryan Madson

Do you feel bad for Ryan Madson?  Do you believe that he is devastated he will not be returning to the Phillies?  Do you feel he genuinely wanted to come back and was cheated out of the opportunity?  Is he sitting around shell shocked, trying to comprehend how it all went wrong, realizing there's no way to fix it?  Well, don't feel bad for him!

Don't Feel Bad for MadsonCertain players make great contributions to their ballclubs, but for business reasons they depart against their will; get released, traded, etc.  Their disappointment is evident, and you have empathy for them.  

Madson may be feeling the same way right now.  He may very well be sitting around reflecting on his tenure with the Phillies and saldy realizing that it is now over.  You want to feel bad for him, but you can't.  When you make Scott Boras your agent, empathy goes out the window.   

Employing Scott Boras sends a huge message!

  • What that message is NOT:  It does not tell the Phillies he loves it in Philly, would love to come back, and is willing to sit down and hatch out a deal that would allow that to happen.
  • What that message IS:  I'm here to play hardball.  I want all the money and I'm willing to fight for it.  I want more money than I'm worth.  I'm willing to go to extraordinary lenghts to get what I want.  I am going to shop you.  I'm going to be uncooperative and possibly be a thorn in your side along the way.  This list can go on and on, but I think you catch the drift.    

The Phillies did the right thing.  They extended Madson the respect a Boras client deserves and did a little shopping of their own.  It just so happens that there was a better closer on the market.  Madson and his agent surely came to Amaro with big demands, but the Phillies responded as if they were represented by Scott Boras.  Madson wasn't the best deal on the market, he just acted like he was.  Papelbon was the best value!

So please don't feel bad for Madson.  He opted to take the harball approach, selecting Scott Boras as representation.  Unfortunately for Madson, the Phillies can play hardball too!     




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