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Did Connie Mack's Phillies Predictions Come True??

Prior to the start of the 2011 baseball season, I made a few predictions.  It's time to see how many came true.

#1.  Chase Utley will start fewer than one-third of the games (54-games)

Wrong: Quite the oppositte.  Utley played in 103-games, missing just 59, ironically, roughly one-third of the season.

2011 Phillies Predictions#2.  The Phillies will acquire Michael Young from Texas

Wrong: That would have been a shame for Young.  He would have missed the opportunity to play in the World Series!

#3.  The Phillies will trade Joe Blanton away

Wrong: His last start was May 14, then he went missing.  Reports had him hiding out in Canada.  Regardless, he wasn't getting traded unless "cash-for-clunkers" came back!

#4.  Ryan Howard will hit less than 40-home runs

Correct: Not even close, Howard hit just 33-homers.  He did blow out his achilles though, and no, I didn't see that coming!

#5.  The Phillies would have four 20-game winners

Wrong: You might think that wasn't such a rediculous statement at the time.  Uh, how about zero!!!

#6.  Roy Oswalt will be the pitcher with the most wins

Wrong:  He did log the most bulldozer hours

#7.  Shane Victorino will go on the DL at some point

Correct:  What can I say, he's frah-gee-lee.  

#8.  The Phillies will have two Gold Glove winners.  Bonus: It will be Rollins and Victorino.

Wrong:  Only one winner, and throw away the bonus, it was Polanco.  Who saw that coming?

#9.  Polanco will have the lowest batting avereage of his career (his lowest had been .285 with a minimum 400 at-bats)

Correct:  .277, OUCH!!!

#10.  The Phillies will have at least five players in the All Star Game

Correct:  Roy Halladay (Starting Pitcher), Placido Polanco (elected starter), Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee

I got 4-of-10, not bad!  I felt pretty stupid when I started to check my answers, missing five of the first six, but I had a nice recovery.  Better luck next time I guess :) 


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