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Dallas Cowboys 2011 Mid-Season Report

LogoThe Dallas Cowboys are 4-4 half way through the 2011 season.   This is a vast improvement from last season’s 1-7 mid-season mark but just like last season there have been too many wasted opportunities. 

The Cowboys could easily be 7-1 and leading the NFC East but three 4th quarter let downs turned the Cowboys into just another all-so-ran.  As a Cowboys fan it is hard to admit that they are just another average NFL team.

Don’t believe me the Cowboys are 116 and 116 in the last 14 years.  Just another average NFL team in years past and this year.

Let’s do some grading.

The Offense: D+

Accept for the Eagles game this is where the Cowboys problems have killed them.  Romo and company have done a great job, except for the Philly game, and have been in every game.  They have put the Cowboys in a position to win seven games but have then self destructed to win only four.  QB Romo gets a lot of the blame but he is not the only one.  Coach Garrett’s play calling has been suspect especially in the Lions game.  There was no reason to throw the ball when winning by 24 points.

Romo: D

He is experienced enough to know better.  No more excuses there.

Felix Jones:  D

He was given the starting role and for the most part has been average or hurt.

DeMarco Murray: A+

He came out of nowhere to give Cowboy fan hope.

Dez Bryant: D+

So close but so far away.  He needs to improve in the second half.

Miles Austin: C

Get well soon.

Jason Witten:  A+

The Cowboys would be 1-7 without him.

The O Line: B+

They have given Romo what he has needed.

The Defense: A

The 2010 season was the worst Cowboys defense ever.  They were terrible.  This year, with the exception of the Philly game, they have been solid.  They have controlled the run and been solid against the pass.  It would have been nice if they had stopped Tom Brady but few have.

Sean Lee: A

He has really come into his own.  There is nothing but upside here.

DeMarcus Ware: A+

Superstar - who will only get better.  Garrett needs to put him in more positions to make him more feared.

The D Line: B+

Real men stop the run.

The Defensive Backfield: B

They have shifted around due to injury and have done a good job.  They will be tested even more in the second half.

Special Teams: A

They have been much improved this year.  No really big plays that hurt or helped but I’m ok going without the hurt.

Overall the team gets a C+.  

They have done a much better job them last season but there is much to be done.  Consistency, quarter to quarter needs to be improved.  Turnover and penalties need to be eliminated or the chances for the playoffs will be eliminated.

The 2011 season is wide open with the NFC East being a weak division. The Cowboys have two games with Giants so they will have the chance to close the 2 game mid-season lead the Giants have.  If they can do that anything is possible.

The Cowboys will need to go 6-2 in the second half of the season to reach 10-6 and have a shot at the playoffs.  Tough but not impossible.  They just need to believe that they are not just another average NFL team.

Go Cowboys!


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wow ! someone who feels the same .I love my Cowboys we R way better than this ..Just believe like i do and we will shock the world Go cowboys!! Let them play JJ and JG ,,Let them play !!

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