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15 Reasons Why Curling is better than Basketball

With the abscense of Basketball this season, television networks will be looking for a replacement.  Curling is the logical choice.  Here's 15 reasons why...


Curling is Nice to Watch!!!


Nicole Jaraanstad


Curling is better than Basketball


Cheryl Bernard


Eve Muirhead


Ludmila Privivkova


Curling is better to watch than Basketball


Madelein Dupont


Watch Curling, Not Basketball


Janine Greiner


Curling is Scenic


Basketball Players DON'T look like Curlers


USA Curling Team


Go USA Curlers.  I don't even remember Basketball anymore!


Russian Curling Team is Nice Too!


Bonus: Here's what truly separates Curling from the NBA...

Curling is better than the NBA

Curling is way better than the NBA

Oh Yeah, Curling Rocks!!!


Seriously, what would you rather watch???


Ok, maybe the Bobsled has it beat...

Get Set...



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