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Cowboys Come from Ahead and Behind to Sweep Redskins 27-24 in OT Thriller

Redskins_cowboysOn paper, it was a mismatch.  The Washington Redskins had lost 5 in a row and were in shambles.  The Cowboys offense came rolling in looking unstoppable.  In the beginning that is what happened.  Then the Redskins and Cowboys remembered that this was an NFC East football game between two great rivals and all hell broke loose.

The Cowboys up early by 10 gave back that lead on special team’s poor play which up until today had been pretty solid for the Cowboys.  The score see-sawed back and forth and the Skins tied it up with just seconds to go.

It seemed over for the Cowboys when the Skins decided to kick a long field goal but the wind and luck kept the game going.  The Cowboys then put together a nice drive of their own in overtime that led to the winning Dan Bailey FG in overtime.

These are things to note from today’s game.

  1. The Cowboys are good but not good enough that they can make any big mistakes or have failures on special teams.
  2. The Redskins are now officially dead for the 2011 season.
  3. The Cowboys rotated out their wide receiver and Tight End packages all game with Romo throwing to 9 different receivers.
  4. The Cowboys rotation left WR Dez Bryant fresh for overtime where he made the biggest play in OT.  
  5. Bryant is now as good as any WR.
  6. Jason Witten made his longest TD reception ever…they will show that TD catch and run when they induct him into the NFL Hall of Fame.
  7. Romo has only 1 interception in 5 games.  You could see him on several plays eat the ball rather than make a bad play.  Coach Garrett can be proud.
  8. The Cowboys defense is better than average but still needs to have players make plays.  DeMarcus Ware only had two tackles all game.  1 was a sack.
  9. The Cowboys now have their full time kicker Dan Bailey.  Buehler will not be a Cowboy next season.
  10. Go Eagles!

Nice to see the Cowboys can play with some pressure and come out on top on the road on OT twice.

The Cowboys play the Tuna’s on Thursday and the Tuna’s are not playing that badly.  Another solid challenge for the Cowboys on National TV.


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