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Is the Future Bright? Students Battle Loans and Bad Job Market

College students look dissatisfied with the economy in the Unites States. Recent graduate students can’t find jobs in their desired field. With the economy dropping more and more over the past few years what are students going to do after graduation? Fortunately, some students were able to find employment after completing an undergraduate or master’s degree. However, some students are not so lucky. Wall Street continues to be occupied by students protesting because of the troubled economy and disappearance of jobs.

These events affect students the most because young adults come to college to achieve an undergraduate degree. With the job market tumbling down, what will happen to the students down the road? Will the job market get better? The President of the Unites States is concerned about the economy. President Barack Obama’s job plan is to create millions of jobs by taxing the wealthy was denied by Congress two months ago. The future of college students is at stake and without jobs, students will continue to be in debt because of student loans. President Obama is striving to assist students in these financial times.

President Obama’s “Pay as You Earn” is expected to reduce student loans to 10 percent of the loan cap. The bill is expected to take effect in 2014 but President Obama pushed the bill to 2012. President Obama’s bill is trying to save students money and put cash in their pockets. Students whose student loans are relatively high and have low income will be eligible. If the economy continues to get worse students may think twice about attending universities or community schools.

Hopefully, the economy will improve, but until then students will continue to be worried about their academic future for years to come.


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