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Can the Eagles Make the Playoffs? You Must Have Faith!!!

The Eagles playoff picture:  They are 4-7.  Their Defensive Coordinator is an Offensive Line Coach.  Michael Vick is hurt.  Their Head Coach is still Andy Reid.  Needless to say, it looks bleak!  

So.. could they make the playoffs?  Well, it wouldn't be a Miracle on 34th Street, but it would be a miracle!  To keep positive, however, we are going to steal the advice of Mrs. Doris Walker from the film.  In the movie, Doris' daughter Susan (Natalie Wood), could not accept the fact that Santa was real.  It just didn't seem possible!  

When it appears as though it's not possible for the Birds' to make the playoffs, remember what Doris Walker told her daughter when she believed Santa was not real.  Have faith! 

Have faith, though common sense tells you not to.  The Eagles will win the Super Bowl!!!

"Faith is believing in something when commons sense tells you not to!"

Common sense may tell us the Eagles are done, but there's still hope.  You just need to have faith!!!

Unfortunately, little Susan Walker put her faith in Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner :-(


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