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Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs

Bud Selig may make the owners very rich, but he sure has screwed everything else up!  He has successfully ruined the playoffs.  Here is what that buffoon has done to America's favorite pastime:

1. Rain Games:  Remember when the tarp went over the field at the first sight of rain?  Not anymore!  Now they try to play through it until players are standing in 3-inches of water.  Please... is it that difficult to get a weather report prior to the start of a game?  It's a sin that Game-1 of the ALDS even started, causing Sabathia and Verlander (two of the best pitchers in baseball) to get pushed back in the rotation of a 5-game series because they couldn't make it past the 2nd-inning.  Unbelievable!!!

2. The Five Game Series:  Awful Idea!  It allows the best teams in baseball to get eliminated in the first round and Wild Card teams to become World Champs.  If the World Series was a five-game series, the Rangers would be hosting a parade.  Catch my drift?

3. Too Many Rounds:  It's a crime that a team can win a division over 162-games and get eliminated in a divisional round.  The Phillies won 102-games and didn't even play in the NLCS.  Insane!!  Solution: There are three division, the best team gets a bye and the other two play a 7-game series in the first round.  You get to keep the extra round without throwing anyone a bone.  Everybody's happy!

4. Home Field Advantage: Decided by the All-Star Game...Really?!?  First of all, that's stupid!  Secondly, a Wild Card team should never, ever, ever - did I mention ever - ever get home field advantage in a World Series!!  

5. The Extra Umps: The idea of extra umpires in the World Series makes sense, despite the fact that they still get everything wrong.  Anyway, why do the extra umps stand about five-feet from the infield umpires?  I don't ever recall a fair/foul controversy on field level.  I certainly have seen problems happen at the fence.  Put these guys against the wall, duh! 

Selig was questioned about these issues.  Let's have a look at how he responded...

Bud Selig Idiot

Bud Selig Stupid

Bud Selig Dumb

Bud Selig Confused

Bud Selig Lost

Bud Selig Nuts

Bud Selig Crazy

Bud Selig Picking His Nose

Oh Yeah, Nice Hair.. I can't tell it's fake!!!


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