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Boston Red Sox Shoot the Messenger


The Boston Red Sox continued their vile policy of exterminating anyone deemed to be a mole, a snitch, or a fink.

In ancient times when the king didn’t like the news brought to him from the corners of his kingdom, he would execute the poor soul who delivered the message.

Heaven help anyone who brings bad news to the Red Sox management team.

Reports arrived in October that the vaunted starting pitchers were beer-guzzling slobs and fried chicken connossieurs. Besides eating up a storm and drinking away their September chances, the sorriest Sox team in franchise history was apparently unfit to win in more ways than one.

This is the word from recently fired trainer and conditioning coach Dave Page.

Page did suggest there were players in-shape and conscientious. The majority of Sox players worked hard at trying to be genuine athletes, Page turned his finger to point at several starters, a position player, and assorted relievers.

The team was a variety pack with enough bad apples in the barrel to spoil the entire bunch.

Page went to management more times than he had fingers on two hands to ask for help. There was no response to his lamentations how players were tuning out the conditioning and kissing off the winning style. He should have done CPR on the management team that played dead and turned a deaf ear to the warning signs.

Now, after considering the bad press and the media feeding frenzy, the Red Sox management team has found the perfect scapegoat: Coach Dave Page, himself.

The clubhouse culprits had enablers and protectors among the management team. Page refused to indict or to name names on ownership flaks.

High-level Red Sox administrators were the enablers for fat, out-of-shape, overpaid players on the Red Sox. Who could that possibly be?

We fully expect that smears will descend on Dave Page from unknown Red Sox sources faster than you can say Terry Francona had a painkiller problem.

Though nice guys often finish last in sports, it would appear in the case of the Red Sox, the rats aboard the S.S. Minnow (or whatever owner John Henry calls his yacht) deserved to lose the pennant in September.


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