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Boston Red Sox Lose the Off-Season as Beauty Abandons the Beast



At long last the dark and ugly side of the Boston Red Sox has been exposed to the bright light of fan awareness.

For years the patina of a cherished institution doing the best for fans and the park dominated every story published by the media. With the departure Sideline Queen of  Hearts Heidi Watney, the most colorful Sox reporter with pizzazz, the team is even uglier.

Our hearts have been stilled with Heidi Watney's decision to leave the Boston Red Sox for fairer climes.


The diehards on the media payroll continue to perpetuate the myth, but myths always die hard.

No one with a name wants to manage the Red Sox, and it is conveniently called a search for a no-name no-nonsense candidate. In fact, people like Joe Maddon criticized the Sox administration, which was enough to wwarn off a dozen impressive candidates.

Now the braintrust ownership is prepared to hire the man who best follows the front-office lineup sheets, and knows better than to shut off the statistical outliers that dominate the ownership thinking.

Worse yet, players may be avoiding Fenway Park as if the Bubonic Plague raged in the clubhouse. And, indeed, it may.

Jonathan Papelbon wouldn’t give the Sox the time of day or the back of his fastball. He left and never wanted to look back or come back.

Now, David Ortiz, who was ready to sign with the Yankees, sees there is no market for his talents in South Beach or anywhere else. Now he works the PR machine to build up his Boston resume, lately showing up to endore the Boston MSPCA.

You can’t go wrong showing your love for dogs like the Red Sox.

The Sox aleady have it in their heads that they want bargain basement players this year, when the local Boston bargain basement store (Filene’s) closes after a 100 years this week.

When Heidi Watney, the Red Sox daily on-field reporter during all games for four years, beautiful with brains, also leaves, who cannot feel the reverberations of the 2011 debacle?

When given the job of managing the Red Sox or any other team, candidate after canidate will prefer any place but Boston. Just ask Dale Sveeum. He is the first of many who will turn up their noses at the smelly franchise.

There are plenty who will be pleased to come to Boston for a price. The Red Sox have mismanaged their team and now the price must be paid to the piper as the rats have taken over the Red Sox ship in drydock.


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