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Who's Got the Best Look in Baseball?

You may have noticed some interesting looks during the 2011 post season.  Craig Sager wore suits I wouldn't wear to a Halloween party, Dennis Eckersley thinks it's 1971, and countless others have purchased their hair at Morie's Wigs.  

We would like to honor those who think their hair is still in style.  We would like to salute those who believe their hair looks real!

5. Craig Sager

"Wonka," as the patrons of Bogey's Tavern call him.  Seriously, who else wears purple suits?  Not only does he sport a fancy toupee, he seems to believe he is a 1970's used car salesman.  He's got the look: the outfit, the toupee.. all he needs is some bling!!

Craig Sager Best Look in Baseball

He kind of reminds me of Rudy Russo (played by Kurt Russell) from the movie "Used Cars."

Rudy Russo

4. Dennis Eckersley

This guy hasn't changed in nearly 40-years.  It's amazing!  Unfortunately, his image hasn't changed either.  I'm expecting him to make an appearance on "This Week in Baseball" with Mel Allen.. literally this week.  Hey Eck, it is possible to look young without looking the way you did when you were young.  Just saying!

Eckersley 2011...

Dennis Eckersley Best Look in Baseball

Eckersley 1978...

David Eckersley Best Look in Baseball

3.  Bud Selig

What else can I say?  Possibly more lost than anyone on earth.  He's like a deer in headlights running all of Major League Baseball.  In fact, I believe his toupee may be made with deer hair.  We're not sure about that yet.  You would think he made the list purely with his toupee, but think again.  Nothing says "Commissioner" like holding one hand over your ear so you can hear the questions, and the other shielding the camera's light out of your eyes, repeatedly saying, "eh" to answer the questions he really doesn't have answers to.  Oh yeah, picking his nose does wonders for his image too.  I think he should be tried for unbecoming a Commissioner!   

You Decide.. Real or Fake?

Bud Selig Toupee

What?  Ehh?  

Bud Selig Deaf

Don't Mind Me!

Bud Selig Digging for Gold

2.  Chris Wheeler

Patrons at Bogeys call him, "The Toupe!"   He doesn't always wear it, however.  In times of celebration you will find Wheels with his hair-piece removed, a hat placed in it's stead, pulled down over his eyes like a little kid.  What's cooler, his rug or his little league hat?  I still haven't decided.  It doesn't matter, he pulls it off either way!

In the Toupe...

Wheels, In the Toupe

In his 4th grade cap...

Wheels without his Toupee

What the hell is going on there anyway??

1.  Steve from My Two Cents!!!  

Inspired by Wheels, Steve decided to get a matching toupee.  After much searching, Steve finally found one at a local party supply store.  I'm not sure if it's the same model Wheels wears, but it's close enough!!!

Steve from "My Two Cents"

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