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A Few Joyce Words - Get a Job!


     My favorite line from the cult classic 1983 gangster film “Scarface” isn’t found on any T-shirt. It isn’t quoted in a sit-com and hasn’t become a cliché for bad impressions. No, the line I always found most amusing comes just after Tony Montana kills Frank Lopez and Mel Bernstein. When asked what he wants to do about the deceased’s bodyguard Ernie, instead of gunning the sweaty big man down, Tony offers him a position on his crew. Chi-Chi, one of Tony’s henchmen, slaps Ernie on the back and says with huge grin, “Hey man, you got a job!”

     Who among us wouldn’t be as relieved as Ernie to hear those musical words? I, for one, would wipe the sweat from my brow and take a giant swig of Jack Daniels just as the character in the film did. 

    Work today is harder to find than a politician who doesn’t “sext”, or a journalist within the Fox News headquarters complex.  Now hiring sign manufacturers are saving a fortune on “w”’s.  Last week I saw a white guy mowing his own lawn, which wouldn’t be so bad but when my dad goes outside without mom approving his wardrobe they neighbors begin talking.

    I thought for sure by now that the housing market would rebound. I hoped a deficit deal would inspire a hiring frenzy. I could have sworn Wendy’s would have given my resume a second look. Nope.

    There is some good news on the horizon. President Obama just rolled out his jobs plan. He wants to tax the rich and cut entitlements for the poor. Upon hearing this news every labor union in the country simultaneously cringed, except for the Fraternal order of Police and California Correctional Peace Officers Association.  Tax attorneys and public defenders offices may both soon be recruiting.   Also the military’s ban on homosexuals just expired. I hear the Marines are looking for a few more men.


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