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  Opinions are like noses everyone has one. My opinion is that this President, from day one has been abusing all of us.  During his speeches he deceived the people with his lies, to obtain their vote. But I have to give him credit for one and most important promise, “TO FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA” and he is doing that, right now in our faces and we let him.  Like soft little lambs we keep it quiet seeing the wolf preparing all of us for the slaughter.

What happens to the American people? Where are the leaders? What have we become? I don’t see an Occupy White House Lawn?  Because it is the President who is at fault for all things going on right now in our country. He is the one that fomented a “CLASS WARFARE ETHNICITY WARFARE”. This man in our White House is more dangerous to the country than Ahmadinejad, Why? Because he is ruling our country!  And to me that is like having the FOX TAKING CARE OF THE CHICKEN COOP, he is not interested on the safety of the chickens. Another situation that shows how dangerous he is, is that he patronizes the “OCCUPY WALL ST”.  He encourages this kind of violent, radical, communist, behavior threating our safety and security and it appears that he doesn’t care as long as he is able to do his propaganda for his re-election, offering them welfare for life. How come the conservatives are silent, taking all the abuse? How come I don’t see an occupy lawn at our White House? Puzzles me!    WAKE UP AMERICA!! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE! FREEDOM IS IN DANGER!  Please brothers and sisters WE DON’T NEED A TELEPROMPTER IN CHIEF FOR FOUR MORE YEARS, NO! We need to put an end to this masquerade. Remember 2012 we have a date to clean and use an ASEPTIC METHOD TO CLEAN THE WHITE HOUSE, FROM INSIDE OUT. God bless America Land that I love


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There sure are better ways to be an effective executive than to use a team of teleprompters and a 747 to run a country. Obama has used up his first term campaigning. Does he actually believe we should elect him to another four years so he can just sit around because he won't need to campaign again?

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