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 Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. My opinion is that President Obama’s FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCES ARE VERY LIMITED, HIS ONLY FOREIGN EXPERIENCES ARE:  First, WHEN HE WAS BORN IN KENYA AND Second, WHEN HE WAS LIVING AS A YOUTH IN INDONESIA, so what’s up with the criticism from the radical media about the Conservative candidates, CAIN AND PERRY or others.

Obama got an easy ride from the moment he stood up to the plate to compete with other democrats to become the democrat candidate.  Let’s remember during this time there were doubts about him being qualified to be President, due to his questionable origin of birth, and until now still has no answer to this question.  After all types of denials and excuses from the frenzied media and his cronies that got up in arms, shouting RACIST, when WE THE PEOPLE wanted answers to all this secrecy.  Everyone was afraid to mention or ask about the legality of this man who might become the President.

So he became the candidate for the Democratic Party, due to his ethnicity, and with the help of the guilty white racist manipulators. And on the other hand he had the full support of the welfare recipients of America; THE BLACK PANTHERS, the UNIONS, SEIU, and ACORN.  All of those people just mentioned played a very important part for him on Election Day. Those people went to polls holding weapons and with aggressive attitudes to intimidate all voters. That’s probably some of reasons why many people didn’t go to the polls.  Those same cronies cheated with fraudulent voters and no one said anything. And, Bingo, Obama become our fraudulent President in 2008.

From day one this President has been injecting socialism into our system, and slowly but surely we will wake up one day and we are all COMRADE COMMIES AND  OBAMA’S DREAM WILL BE A REALITY, just like in the book that he is reading…….AMERICA, OUR COUNTRY IS IN AGONY. THE ONLY WAY THAT WE CAN SAVE OUR LIBERTY AND BE SAFE FROM COMMUNISM IS BY SENDING OBAMA BACK TO CHICAGO SO HE MAY SLEEP WITH HIS TELEPROMPTER FOR THE REST OF TIME…God bless America Land that I Love.


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Talk about inexperiance, had Barack ever been out of Chicago before he went to D.C. so he could vote present for the two years before he was elected President? He didn't even have to prove he attended college.

President Obama is an academic and doesn't have any life experience to boot. I'm so sick of these rock star politicians who may have knowledge but are too young to have any wisdom.

There had to be help from the right in regards to Obama being elected. Look at people like John Boehner who has shown his true colors as a R.I.N.O. when we needed Constitutionalist Conservatives in office.

Even this new crop of people running for President all are flawed in ways that the people do not even see it.

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