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                           Opinions are like noses, everyone has one, and this is my opinion. I believe that the whole entire administration is gone mentally unbalanced, with the exception of the VP.   Joe Biden who is already crazy, senile, demented and he are always angry and have a demonic expression on his face at all times. Biden has no inhibition anymore; he just opens his mouth and spits his lies and hallucinations towards the conservatives.

He keeps saying that the GOP doesn’t want to support or help the president with his idea of the BILL FOR MORE STIMULUS-MONEY TO CREATE JOBS, or better said, more of our tax money for federal jobs, wasted.  Biden repeatedly said that the GOP is standing in the way, and that the GOP doesn’t want America to succeed.   Finally not too long ago the sick, angry VP. Biden said that, IF THE STIMULUS BILL DOESN’T PASS WOMEN WILL BE RAPED!  WHAT? This is insulting, offensive to all the American women and also he is inciting all those creepy sickos that are looking for excuses to commit a violent crime.

With this statement Biden is endangering the security of all women all over the country.  I am outraged.  I would not be outraged if VP. Biden made it a personal statement and said if the bill doesn’t pass MY WIFE WILL BE RAPED, that’s talking about his woman, right?  But he is making a very degrading statement saying “WOMEN WILL BE RAPED” That’s different story.  His statement is unacceptable!

 And why is the media is so quiet?  Why are there no comments about this?  Why?  OH SILLY ME, OF COURSE,   I FORGOT, THE MEDIA IS IN COMPLICITY WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION.  I keep thinking, but what about the freaking women rights advocates or whatever?   Again, what a fool, I forgot those women are also with this administration.  But what about WE THE PEOPLE?  I’ve heard nothing from them…suddenly they become deaf. Am I the only one that has my vision and auditory system working?  America is being oppressed and afraid to speak their mind.  I see America tired, giving up and afraid to speak their minds.  AMERICA PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP, SPEAK UP, LISTEN TO ME …BECAUSE IF THIS BILL PASSES AMERICA IS RAPED!

 By: Juliya Kazimirov. 2011


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This member of "we the people" is too busy working two jobs trying to pay for all of the crap that we've already been bent over for. If I wasn't so damned exhausted all the time, I'd love to plan a revolution.

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