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Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan...

Image1 An Indian friend of mine who was associated with Steve Jobs, had a story to tell about the legend's commitment and vision. Just before the  launch of one of the versions of Apple Ipod, my friend offerd to associate with Steve's company  in marketing the product in India.Back office work was assigned. While finalising the buisness terms, friend asked, how many people will call up the cutomer care on first day? Steve replied without blinking the eye, around 50,000 callers for the first day. He warned my friend to prepare accordigly. As a good Indian, my friend took the Steve's estimate as a sign of overconfidence. On the day of the launch, Steve's prediction came true and my friend's back office was flooded with 50,000 calls. Two things are amazing here. First,Steve's insight about Indian market and Second,Steve was not only a technocrat but also a person with  the deep understanding the pulse of the people.

Something which is missed by successive US presidents who got US involved in Afghanistan. In the tenth year of its military involvement in Af-Pak region, it has egg on its face. No one seem to be happy here. Afghan President,Karzai is a CNC of Kabul, beyond which the writs of Pak supported Taliban groups is running. Pakistan itself is slowly sliding into anarchy. Americans who have grown wiser after May 2,2011 Abbottabad bin ladeen kill are speaking out their minds rather too often, sending Pakistani Junta into huddle. Its all chaos with wider international implications.

Fear is compounded by the fact that US will be leaving the Af-Pak region in next six months. What is astonishing is how this will secure the US and its allies from the threat of terrorism. Af-Pak is theatre of absurd. If there is some sembalnce of peace its because of stationed NATO forces. One hopes that there will be some rethink before a final call is taken to leave the region for good.Any hurried departure will further complicate than resolve the outstanding issues afflicating the region.  


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