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With 15-5 Win, Rangers Stamp 2011 World Series Ticket


Might as well get that out of the way before I get to the rest of the entry.

I missed the first inning and a half of this game because I was out with friends.  Thank goodness I came home in time for the fun part -- the 3rd inning on.  It was very enjoyable.  To say the least.

Apparently the first few innings were rather meh and frustrating, offensively-speaking.  A few hits, but nothing much else.  And Max Scherzer didn't look that sharp, but the Rangers seemed to be pressing.  In the meantime, Derek Holland had given up two wall-scraping home runs to give the Tigers an early 2-0 lead. 

And then that 3rd inning happened.  It looked a little something like this ...

- I. Kinsler grounded out to third
- E. Andrus walked
- J. Hamilton singled to shallow left, E. Andrus to second
- M. Young doubled to shallow left, E. Andrus and J. Hamilton scored
- A. Beltre singled to center, M. Young scored
- M. Napoli walked, A. Beltre to second
- N. Cruz walked, A. Beltre to third, M. Napoli to second
- D. Schlereth relieved M. Scherzer
- D. Murphy singled to shallow center, A. Beltre and M. Napoli scored, N. Cruz to second
- C. Gentry hit for E. Chavez
- R. Porcello relieved D. Schlereth
- C. Gentry reached on fielder's choice, N. Cruz to third, D. Murphy to second
- I. Kinsler singled to left, N. Cruz and D. Murphy scored, C. Gentry to second, C. Gentry to third, I. Kinsler to second on left fielder D. Young's fielding error
- E. Andrus grounded into fielder's choice, C. Gentry out at home, I. Kinsler to third
- J. Hamilton intentionally walked
- M. Young doubled to shallow right, I. Kinsler and E. Andrus scored, J. Hamilton to third
- R. Perry relieved R. Porcello
- A. Beltre flied out to left

Nine runs on seven hits and four walks.  It felt like a nail in the Tigers' coffin.

But it was only the 3rd inning.  Still plenty of baseball to play.  And the Tigers weren't about to go out that easily.  They struck back in the 5th, scoring two more runs and chasing Holland from the game.  It's really a shame a seven-run lead couldn't encourage Dutch to want to finish a little stronger.  It's also a shame some fan down the third base line leaned over the wall to catch a foul ball.  If he'd let it fall, Josh Hamilton would have caught it, and the Tigers might not have scored that inning.

But I can't be mad.  There's no time for being mad tonight. 

The Rangers didn't let up either.  The bullpen, represented by Scott Feldman, Alexi Ogando, Mike Adams and Neftali Feliz, kept the Tigers in check, while the bats continued to feast on what Detroit was serving up. Nelson Cruz hit his sixth home run of the series.  Michael Young hit a home run too.  He's 6 for 15 with 7 RBI since shaving before Game 3.  Keep it smooth, Mike.

It was hard not to think about champagne/ginger ale showers for the final few innings.  But I knew the game wasn't over yet.  And the Tigers weren't strangers to good comebacks.  

Not tonight.

Not on our field.

There was only celebrating.  So much celebrating. 

Texas Rangers.

2011 American League Champions.


KISS:  Michael Young was 3 for 6 with five RBI.  This is the perfect time for him to get hot.

MISS: Not going there.



Tigers :: 5 R, 10 H, 2 E, 3 TLOB

Rangers :: 15 R, 17 H, 11 TLOB


Next stop ... WORLD SERIES, BABY!!!


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