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Wes Welkah’s Parallel Universe in New England


One of the lesser-sung heroes of the New England Patriots as this season progresses is Wes Welker, the favorite receiver of Tom Brady.

On a pace after four games to shatter all kinds of yardage and reception records held by the likes of Jerry Rice, Wes Welker remains the epitome of the disrespected star in his respective sport.

The other Boston sports figure that never receives the due respect he deserves is Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox who finished with a dismal team. Ellsbury’s home runs, average, stolen bases, and the like may be as forgotten as Welker’s feats.

We noted how both were speedy players who ran the 40-yard dash in impressive fashion. The late Al Davis of the Raiders would surely have loved them for that achievement alone.

Al Davis who was born a few miles from today’s Gillette Stadium was the only NFL commissioner with a degree in English. His corresponding parallel in MLB was Bart Giamatti, another English major in college.

Both those titans of sport would have cited T.S. Eliot’s “objective correlative” to describe Welker and Ellsbury.

Welkah Wes Welker, Pronounced Wes Welkah in Boston!


In more simple terms, they are doubles in more ways than one. They sort of are examples of the parallel universe theory of quontam physics. In this case, the parallel universe is the distance from Boston to Foxboro.

Wes and Jacoby suffered debilating injuries (torn ACL and 5 broken ribs) that fairly much looked like they could end more than a season, yet each recovered to have spectacular comebacks with astounding statistics.

Though each originally came from another part of the country, they have taken to New England and have worn the badge of honor on their respective teams as positive role models who can reach at-risk youth.

Welker has taken to the area that his online store sells T-shirts that are famously inscribed with his name in the local vernacular.  “Welkah!”

Since Wes Welker’s store donates a percentage of proceedings to his non-profit charity, we recommend everyone wear one or two to help #83.

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