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We Signed Up for This

I ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday, so pain is on my mind today. Obviously, the Cardinals' loss to Milwaukee didn't make me feel much better; but as I sit here with ice on my quads, a beer in my hand and a masochistic grin on my face, I continue to remind myself that a) things are gonna get better b) it's a MARATHON not a sprint and c) we signed up for this.

With every pitch, with every swing (every stride, every step) our feelings and emotions are fully invested. We worked hard to get here and we're not gonna lay down and die just because we're a little knocked down. Instead, we're gonna lace 'em up, pound the pavement and enjoy the burn.

With a smile.

Don't hate me 'cuz I'm right.



(Image via Christian Petersen/Getty Images)  


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