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Time to Bring Back the Lady Killer?

Whether you're a Rangers fan, a Cardinals fan, or just a good old puritan brand of baseball fan, there is no question that this World Series is so far proving to be one of the dramatically fulfilling variety. I mean, how many heart attacks is one expected to suffer through before this thing is over?!?! I would not be surprised if it goes the full seven.

But what does surprise me is that Derek Holland -- good as he was in Game 4 -- still holds his head high while wearing that small, malnourished varmint on his upper lip. I know his teammates razz him plenty; but seriously, how does that thing not make him hide his head in shame every night?

However he does it, the RSBS staff has taken notice. In fact, two of the more senior RSBS interns have approached me with the request to bring back the "Lady Killer". For those of you dear readers unaware of this phenomenon, let me remind you with this picture taken during All-Star Weekend 2009: That arrow. It's pointing at it.

It's pointing at... the Lady Killer.

It's often mistaken for a sex-life killer, but hell, if it works for Holland, maybe I should consider bringing it back.

Hate me 'cuz you can, just don't hate me 'cuz I'm right.




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