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The Morning After Game 6

Last night was such a huge letdown.  I keep reading all these headlines about how Game 6 was the best game ever.  Really?  Unless you're a Cardinals fan or a neutral fan, that statement is not true.  Didn't everyone see all the errors and missed scoring chances?   Or did the "thrilling" end wipe all of those things from memory.

I can tell you this -- I will never laud this game as the best ever.  It was ugly.  I love the game of baseball for all the ups, downs and in-betweens, but as a Rangers fan, I would rather forget this game ever happened. 

Horrible defense, terrible relief pitching and managerial snafus that prove Ron Washington could not manage in the National League.  Twice, my boys had their opponents down to the final strike.  And twice, they blew it.  Twice, they broke my heart.

After the game, I commisserated with other Rangers fans in my favorite online mediums.  I had to fight the urge to unfriend all of the "new" Cardinal fans on facebook.  (And by new, I mean the ones who said nothing about the team all season long until the last week.  I know who the loyal Redbird fans are, and I have no issue with them.  At all.)  It felt like so many people were rejoicing in my misery.  A replay of last year, really. 

My brain and heart are engaged in an all-out war over how I feel about tonight's game and this series.

  • My brain tells me Matt Harrison is going out there completely rested while Chris Carpenter starts on three days of rest. 
  • My heart worries we may be playing without Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli, who have been absolute spark plugs this postseason.
  • My brain tells me this team has bounced back from horrible losses all season (including last Saturday's football score fiasco) and they can do it again.
  • My heart worries the mistakes made last night may linger in their heads just as they have in mine. (I keep seeing that catch Nelson Cruz missed in the 9th.)
  • My brain tells me I should feel fortunate to watch my team play in a World Series two years in a row.
  • My heart might not recover from another second place finish.

It all comes down to tonight.  The last night of the 2011 Major League Baseball season.  No matter how it ends, I know I have to be grateful for what my Rangers have given me.  And I will be.  I love this team.  No matter how many times they break my heart, I can't quit them.  Because they are my heart.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so emotionally invested in them, but there are far more occurrences when I'm grateful that I am. 

Yes, the season ends tonight.  But it's not over yet.  There's still one game, nine innings and 27 outs to play. 

Go Rangers.


NOTE:  I will be traveling this weekend, so my post-game entry will be delayed.  I'll try to get one up tomorrow -- either way.  Please don't mistake my silence for anything other than what it is.


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