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The Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

Most Universities and Colleges are hiring teachers from India, Pakistan, Russia, the continent of Africa, and other countries from abroad. The worst part is that here on our American soil we have many American professors and teachers that are out of jobs, some forced out through pay cuts while others were fired to be replaced by a foreign professors or teachers with an array of excuses.

Our teachers are of a high quality and philosophically they are on the same channel with the students.  I believe there is nothing wrong hiring foreigners to do some jobs, but only if it is necessary and only if we don’t have their specialty in our country.  Why do I say this? Because those new foreigner teachers are detrimental to our education, for the simple reason that their English is not of a high quality.  When they speak to our students their heavy accent is an obstacle for our students to learn.  The students don’t pay to go to college to sit in the classroom and try figure out, translate or try to interpret the whole class just because the teacher has a very strong, unclear accent and is unable to teach, while they are getting big money and special treatment just because they are from another country.  This makes the students frustrated and they are confused at the end of every class.

The worst part is when the student that is frustrated due to the teacher’s inability to teach goes to the Counselor‘s  office and  THE Counselor is a bloody Socialist, Commie and BINGO the student is in trouble and if he continues in the class with THAT TEACHER, he or she will fail the class . So the student feels pressure to cancel the class, and there goes the student wasting their time and money.

I personally blame this on the SOCIALIST PROGRESIVES with their agenda of equality for everyone and started this a long time ago and now we have an “INVASION OF THE BRAIN SNATCHERS.”

I remember once as a child I had a teacher that was a foreigner and when she spoke to the class I always fell asleep.  She kept shouting at me and sending me to the corner.  Once in the corner I would fall asleep standing up, while hearing a voice far away, calling my name and telling me to do something. So she would punish me again.  So I was on the wall many times.

One day I was tired of her sending me to the wall and I shouted at her “STOP THIS CRAP, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE ON THE WALL, and I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU! YOU TALK STRANGE TO ME!"  Wow, the teachers eyeballs fell out, and as I said this all the kids starting hitting their desk, and shouting, "Yes, get out of here!" She left the class and the next morning she didn’t show up. She quit.

We got a new teacher who spoke our language. It was my first encounter with foreign affairs (joke) and as a child I never regretted it.  


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Bang on! On my first attempt at college I had a Math teacher that was just in from Mexico, no English at all. I managed a D but was an eventual drop-out.
Very traumatic for a 17 year-old.

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