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What about instead of “fast and furious”, we call it “THE FASTEST AND BIGGEST LIARS IN GOVERNMENT”

It really made me sick today when I saw Eric Holder on TV.  He is Obama’s liar number one, the same one that sold all those dangerous killing machines to the Drug Cartels in Mexico with the only intention to start gun control in the USA,( but backfired on them) using these killings as an excuse for “GUNS KILL PEOPLE!” 

Anyway it is too much of a coincidence  that when Eric Holder  is being questioning by the Congress about his complicity with ”fast and furious”, the selling of arms to the drug cartels in Mexico, the same ones that killed a border guard, suddenly the CHICAGO MAFIA MACHINE  is ready to play some MAFIA WARS GAME WITH THE PEOPLE. In coordination with the Master of Lies, the commander in cheat, and the actors from Chicago Unions they fabricate a mock “TERROR ATTACK“  that is endangering the USA. Ha, ha, ha, don’t make me laugh.  It can’t be more obvious.  Every time one of them gets in deep manure, they quickly invent something, and bring in someone that claims he or she was planning whatever.  They do the big show, arrest him or her and later on we don’t hear any more about the accused. Of course, the Chicago Mafia have plenty of members just like the unions that are willing to play the game and be the scape goat just to make this farce believable, and the worst part is that the American people believe anything you throw at them on TV or the radio.  We need to be skeptical to whatever this administration says and get involved.  I am.  I have my own agile brain alarm that goes off when something is a bloody fabrication or distraction to make us look the other way.  In this case it is to forget about Eric Holder’s involvement with the “fast and furious”.  My little bell in my brain goes bananas  and I need to write something about it to share with others to wake them up or to just put a seed of mistrust in this administration.

“We the people” are blind and don’t see the Mafia Wars being played by this administration.  Terror? Why are we going to worry about a terror attack when our worst enemies are the ones that are in control in this administration.  Now we have three recently appointed moossllliimmmss to protect our HOMELAND SECURITY.  Oh boy I already FEEL VERY SECURE!  We already know about these three fishy guy’s appointment but people don’t dare to speak up.  Our country is less secure since this man entered our white house. We are on a platter ready to be delivered to the enemy.  It is all up to you. God bless America and I hope our inhabitants can see the light.

Julyia Kasimirov


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You couldn't be more right on. How could it be that they release this terror plot the same day that Holder gets a subpenia from Congress. From what I read the one guy wast arrested days ago but it was not made public until today.

It has been known for some time that the subpenias were coming today.

Keep up the good writing. It's good to know someone feels the way I do.


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