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The Elephant with a Forked Trunk

This is my opinion and opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Any way  it appears that the Tea Party organizers and followers like me are disappointed with the new elected “servants of the people for the people” because  before the 2010 election we heard an array of promises from the conservatives candidates, especially from Boehner, who delivers his promises and cries at the same time, saying that he was going to fight for the people and the credit line wasn’t going to rise, etc. He said that he was going to stand up strong against this administration’s waste and abuse of the tax payer money.

Very nice.  And we the people believe his promises. Shame on us.  What happened to all of us conservatives? We are acting like a bunch of freaking retards.  I am as guilty as the most retarded of the followers of this cry baby Boehner who spoke with a fork trunk. How could we be so stupid to believe all these lies? What’s wrong with all of us? Have we already lost our marbles? We have already drank the elephant juice.  Is that why we are settled for peanuts? I guess so.

Wow this is bad, really bad, and it is going to get worse as the 2012 election get closer and closer.  I believe Boehner crossed the line. He has drank the donkey juice, so he is in the mutation stage. Next election we need someone else. We need a leader that has cojones not a mutant half elephant half donkey, and this mutation is affecting others as well.

Right now they are acting like they want to join the enemy, delivering false promises just to be elected. They are acting in  radical ways, accepting any deal behind closed doors. I feel frustrated like so many Americans because I see my country being raped and abused over and over by this president, and the gutless, spineless leaders just watch and  do  nothing……because they are afraid that the president, as usual will pull the RACE CARD.   

Anyway, even after all the struggles and agonies we went through to make them win, this is our reward.  I guess that desperation for all of us was like a mirage in the desert. It made you see an Oasis of salvation and we went for it. Now we will perish because it was just a mirage.   Now that they have the power to reverse our disgrace and save America, THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!  THIS BUFFOON OF A PRESIDENT IS LAUGHING AT WE THE PEOPLE.  AMERICA, IF WE DON’T COME BACK TO THE AMERICAN PRINCIPLES, WE AMERICANS ARE GOING TO BE EXTINCT! GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE LAST FRONTIER! (I am the girl that came from hell and I am not planning on going back to hell.)  Love ya, Juliya Kazimirov


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So what's the hold up people? Let's get rid of these turkeys so we can get back to normal.

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