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The Cleveland Indians sign Albert Pujols!

(The following is fictional.)

SnortingNews, Cleveland, Ohio, December 1, 2011. To the shock of the baseball world the Cleveland Indians signed Albert Pujols. He contract is rumored to be $34 million a year for 7 years with a personal services contract for another 10 years.

Chris Antonetti, General Manager of the Indians said, "The acquistion of Pujhols will put us over the top. We now have have the strong right handed bat that we need. He is every bit the hitter that we have needed for years to compete with the Tigers, Yankees, and Red Sox."

When asked how the Indians could afford such a huge contract, Antonetti responded, "The increase in attendance coupled with merchandise sales and increased revenue from our T.V. and radio advertisers will more than cover his contract."

While there is great excitement in Cleveland and Northern Ohio, the fans in St. Louis are silent and sad as their star has left the building.


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