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Texas BBA Chapter Casts Ballot for Stan Musial Award

Last, but definitely not least, in the postseason awards is the Stan Musial, which recognizes the top player in each league.  BBA allows us to have 10 players on the ballot for this, and much like the pitching award, it doesn't feel like enough spaces.  But it's supposed to be an award, so it's kind of elite. 

At the top of the list is Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees).  As a Rangers fan, I know I'm supposed to dislike anyone in pinstripes, but I simply can't do it where Granderson is concerned.  The guy is a total class act and a heck of a ballplayer.  I liked him even during his Tigers days, and it's hard for me to root against him (unless he's playing against the Rangers).  During the 2011 season, he hit 41 home runs and drove in 119 runs.   Ignore that .262 batting average, because he had a .915 OPS, which is a much better measure of his offensive prowress.  He could flash some leather too, running down long fly balls in the outfield.  The only way I could like Granderson more is if he was a Ranger.

Justin Verlander comes in right behind Granderson for me.  I realize he's a pitcher and I probably shouldn't put him ahead of Miguel Cabrera, but I can't help it.   He was arguably one of the most valuable players on that Tigers team with a 24-5 record and an ERA of 2.40.  He's just crazy good.

While I love all my Rangers and wouldn't trade them for anyone, only two make my ballot -- Michael Young and Adrian Beltre.  Young is the favorite whipping boy for many fans, with his big contract and off-season trade requests, but I still love the guy.  He hit .338 and drove in 106 runs this season and was a serviceable utility infielder, although his strength is clearly as a DH.  I didn't know much about Beltre before this year, but he wooed me quite quickly.  He hit .296, which included 32 HRs and 105 RBI (and he missed six weeks of the season with an injury).  Don't get me started on his defense.  That glove of his at the hot corner is extremely sexy. 

Without further narrative, here are my choices from top to bottom:

1 :: Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees

2 :: Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers 

3 :: Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox

4 :: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

5 :: Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays

6 :: Robinson Cano, New York Yankees

7 :: Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers

8 :: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox

9 :: Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Indians

10 :: Michael Young, Texas Rangers


As chapter president, I am responsible for combining the ballots of all the Texas chapter members, which includes 40-Year Rangers Fan and Chicken Fried Baseball.  Here is our combined ballot:


1 :: Curtis Granderson (New York)

2 :: Jose Bautista (Toronto)

3 :: Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston)

4 :: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit)

5 :: Adrian Gonzalez (Boston)

6 :: Justin Verlander (Detroit)

7 :: Robinson Cano (New York)

8 :: Adrian Beltre (Texas)

9 :: Michael Young (Texas)

10 :: Ian Kinsler (Texas)


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