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10 Reasons Why Democrats Hate America

1.  When Democrats try to increase taxes on millionaires & billionaires  (the ones that provide employment) which increases unemployment, they show they hate American job creators.

2.  When the union-controlled Democrats tried to convince the Texas government to spread the wealth and dip into rainy day reserves, they showed no regard for the future of teachers and students of Texas.

3.  When the Democrats try to give special rights to homosexuals, they step on the moral and religious beliefs of our country because they hate American culture.

4.  When Democrats push for more and increased social programs, it is done to enslave more Americans to the Party and to increase government power over We the People.

5.  When anyone allows the Muslims to use our Bill of Rights to establish their own system of laws in our country, then our society and culture is doomed.

6.  When the union-controlled Democrats in Wisconsin opposed the budget cuts, they were trying to bankrupt the state.

7.  When the Democrats impede all attempts to control budgets, Federal or state, they are moving us closer to a bankrupt country that will be unable to offer any social programs to anyone.

8.  When the Democrats seek funding for Family Planning they are showing us that they agree with controlling the minority population (in accordance with the teaching of Margaret Sanger).

9.  When the Democrats oppose Border Control, they show us that they have no respect for our immigration laws and hate all Americans that are legal citizens and residents.

10. Democrats support government controls on Corporations and small business because they hate Free Enterprise which is at the very core of the American way of life.


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Just a response to the Demorats "Ten reasons why Republicans hate America" published a little while ago on Facebook. Maybe if the Demorats think Republicans hate America they should find somewhere else to live.

What a crock of sh-t!!!
1. Why should millionaires and billionaires pay a substantially less percentage of their income than other Americans? What about the small to medium size business owner? They don't create jobs? By the way these extremely wealthy people create jobs so that they can continue to be extremely wealthy. They generally are not doing this out of the goodness of their heart.
2.Whether the union is Democratically controlled or not, what the heck are rainy day reserves? What does sort of event does it take to access these reserves, Nuclear War? These are clearly "rainy days"
3. What special rights are you talking about for homosexuals? How about equal rights?? The moral beliefs? Which one, the sanctity of Marriage? With divorce rate at over 50%, where is the sanctity there? Religious rights? Why should one set of religious rights be more right than some one else's?

Oh and by the way, Free Enterprise is NOT the very core of the American way of life. Free Enterprise means that during a natural disaster I can charge you $1000 for a bottle of water when I am the only supplier around, rather the the $2 that I would normally charge. This is not the Core of they American Way. Should oil companies be allowed to charge whatever they want for gasoline or heating oil? If all of the oil companies decided they wanted to charge $20/gallon, people would be forced to pay it. Now that would destroy the American way of life. What about patents? If there are no regulations, what's to stop me from stealing your idea and selling it myself? Isn't that Free Enterprise.

I could go on, but it would probably be a waste of time. It appears that some people want to use the Constitution when it suits them and ignore it when it doesn't.

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