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Red Sox Begin Quest to Return Same Team to Field in 2012


The Boston Red Sox and freshly minted old coin-of-the-realm GM Ben Cherington have begun their quest to hire a clone of Terry Francona. 

This time they plan to hire someone who did not fail as a manager earlier in his career, but a candidate who never managed to do more than give advice to a real skipper.

If you believe rubbing elbows with a winning manager is a key component of running the Red Sox, you won’t be disappointed.

Pete Mackanin of the Phlllies and Dave Sveum of the Brewers are National League men who have never managed in the American League. They have about the same amount of time managing in the AL as they do managing a stable of polo ponies.

The Red Sox don’t see a problem with their team, and they believe any Daniel can enter the lion’s den.

Cherington has taken out the option on Marco Scutaro, and it becomes more evident the strategy is to return the same team to the field next season. The more things change for the Red Sox, the more nothing changes.

Only those who chose to leave will be allowed to leave. If you like the cushy life of the clubhouse and can keep it quiet with the media, you are a returning Red Sox member.

Only in Boston can ownership decide to show how everyone is wrong about the team that collapsed. They plan to return to the thrilling days of last summer to prove it.

Like Richard Nixon’s famous tapes, you simply erase the offending minutes to remove all memory of the crime. Fans have memories like goldfish, and they will forgive, forget, and relive their horrors.

The Red Sox may want to bury their collective ownership heads in the sand—or in a bucket of fried chicken. The only chickens here are running the team.

Justice has an ugly way of rearing its head. Just ask that other billionaire Moammar Quadaffi.

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