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Past Sports Weekend Not Only Kick in the Teeth, It is a Return to Uhm... Normalcy

On the night of Oct. 7, and the afternoon of Oct. 9, two losses by Philadelphia sports team put a dent in the egos of Philadelphia sports team fans.

Phillies’ ace Roy Halladay pitched eight one-run innings, only to see his Phillies lose 1-0 in the fifth and deciding game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS.

Since 2007, the progression has been, made NLDS, lost; won World Series; lost in World Series; lost in championship round to the Giants; and lost in the NLDS.

Someone on Facebook indicated that the Phillies should win the World Series the next year if that progression is followed.

Dude, we are not the Florida Marlins, who suck for seven years, win a World Series, then suck again.

The natural progression is to not even make the playoffs.

But that is not going to happen.

They could lose in the first round again if changes are not made.

Then the Eagles, lost to Buffalo, 31-24 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo on Sunday.

They almost came back, save a stripped ball and a defensive encroachment by Juqua Parker.

Not to be a defeatist, but in your heart of hearts, didn’t you know that the Eagles would jump offsides and that the game was over anyway, once Jason Avant was stripped of the ball?

This team is undisciplined and it shows.

But here is what the images of last weekend.

Ryan howard stumbing


And it sucked.

It was a magical ride with the Phillies.

As we watched the Red Sox lose the Wild Card lead, I thought, as did many other Phillies fans, wow, that might happen to us in a couple of years.

Ouch. Frig.

It is happening now.

Somebody’s got to stop the bleeding.

Right now I still trust Ruben Amaro Jr. more than I do Andy Reid.

Juan Castillo?

What a f'ing joke and it is beginning to show.

It is not Castillo's fault. He is a scapegoat. Reid is to blame for the move of his former offense line coach.

Joe Banner is a smart guy, but he is a brilliant in terms of contracts, not player personnel.

Let’s go, Flyers.

Flyers goalie



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