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NFL Quarterly Projections: AFC

Just like that, we are four weeks into the season, meaning that all teams have play ¼ of their games. Its been a wild and wacky season, with teams like the Bills and Lions on top while powerhouses like the Eagles and Steelers are struggling. Lets take a look at the teams in the NFL, and where I think all 32 will end up by the end of the year, starting today with the AFC.

AFC East

  1. New England Patriots: Currently: 3-1. Projected: 12-4.  This is still the best team in the AFC East. They lost to Buffalo, but it took 4 Brady INT’s to do it. They bounced back well with a convincing road win at a very good Oakland team. They win this divison, and fight the Ravens for home field in the playoffs.

         2. Buffalo Bills: Currently: 3-1. Projected: 9-7.  Really tough disappointing loss to Cincinatti. A lot of people, myself included, saw this as a trap game, but I still thought Buffalo had what it took to hold on. And they were looking great, but then blew a 17-3 lead to a rookie QB and a bad offense. It wont be till next year that this team is a legit playoff contender, but they will still be solid this year.

         3. New York Jets: Currently:2-2 Projected:10-6. What’s scary about the Jets is that they should be 1-3.  There’s no reason *cough Tony Romo* that the Jets should have beaten the Cowboys.  Then they get beat down badly by the Raiders and the Ravens. I still think they are a potential playoff team, especially with the Steelers struggling, but it will be tight with the Raiders imporving.

        4. Miami Dolphins: Currently: 0-4. Projected: 4-12.  This team just can’t get much going. They have some talented players, but they just can’t seem to put it together. They had a bad loss to the Browns, and were never really contending with the Chargers. This team is playing for the draft.

AFC North

  1. Baltimore Ravens: Currently: 3-1. Projected: 13-3. This may be the most complete team in football. The only other team in the conversation is the Green Bay Packers, who I think are the best team in football right now. I can’t really explain the Titans loss, who isn’t good enough to be 3-1, but what I can explain is their dominance in their 3 victories. This is the team to beat in the AFC right now.

        2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Currently: 2-2. Projected: 10-6. Until yesterday, I was convinced tha the Steelers were fine. They were going to get the huge win that they always do against the Texans, but they didn’t, and they looked bad. You have Big Ben beaten up, but you still have a great team here. They will be fighting for a playoff spot, as I see about 4 teams legitimately competing for 2 spots.  I still think they can put it together, but its going to be close.

        3. Cincinatti Bengals: Currently 2-2. Projected: 5-11.  Two wins in four games is great for this young talented team. However, they won’t get a ton of things going playoff wise this year. They are still a few years away, but with a young, Trojan led defense, and some great talent on offense, they will be dangerous.

        4. Cleveland Browns: Currently: 2-2. Projected: 6-10. The Browns had a huge chance to jump into the early wild card talk with a game against the Titans yesterday. However, they laid up an egg, getting blown out by the Titans. I like what Colt McCoy is doing, but like the Bengals, these guys are a few years away from being contenders.

AFC South

  1. Houston Texans: Currently: 3-1 Projected: 11-5. Every Texans fan in the world cringed when they saw Andre Johnson crumbled to the ground without being touched. Thankfully, its his hamstring, not the knee, which is always the first thing you think of. The Texans have this division all but wrapped up unless Tennessee proves they are for real, but without Kenny Britt, I doubt it.
  2. Tennessee Titans: Currently: 3-1 Projected: 8-8. I think this is a .500 football team. I like what Hasselbeck has done, and you have to figure Johnson is ready to bust out, but the loss of Kenny Britt is a killer. Yes they had the big win over Baltimore, but other than that the schedule has been soft. They will get beat up the rest of the way, and go 9-7 at best.

        3.  Jacksonville Jaguars: Currently: 1-3. Projected: 4-12. This isn’t a very good team. Blaine Gabbert should develop into a solid pro, but this team isn’t going anywhere this year.

         4. Indianapolis Colts: Currently: 0-3 Projected: 5-11. I still think that once Painter and/or Collins can develop a rhythm with these receivers that they can snag a few games.  The defense showed last week that they can show up, and if Painter hooks up with Garcon on that wide open pass, the game is totally different. As a football fan, I’m dying to have Peyton back on the field.

AFC West

  1. San Diego Chargers: Currently: 3-1. Projected: 11-5 I cant tell if this opening month is scary for San Diego or scary for the NFL. In the past, the Chargers have sucked to start the year, then turned it on late in the season. Now, they aren’t looking great, but they are winning. This could go both ways but I’m gonna go in the middle. Ryan Matthews is playing great, but the help of Antonio Gates is a huge question mark. I still say they win the division, but Oakland is dangerous.

        2. Oakland Raiders: Currently: 2-2. Projected: 10-6. I love what’s happening in Oakland. Its scary to think how this defense would be with Asomugha still there. Mcfadden is turning into the best runner in football, and Campbell is showing what he can do if he has the same playbook two years in a row. If the defense can sure up, there’s no reason to think they can’t go 6-0 again in the division, with a much better out of division record.

       3. Kansas City: Currently: 1-3. Projected: 4-12. Give the Chiefs credit. They have looked better in the last two games then the FCS level they were playing the first two weeks. This is still a bad team, and one that will be competing in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, but I see them splitting with Denver, pulling one division upset, and getting another out of division win.

      4. Denver Broncos: Currently: 1-3. Projected: 5-11. Erin Decker is an up and comer, but Brandon Lloyd has been figured out my defenses. The question is, when will Tebow be back. Has to happen at some point, as Kyle Orton is solid but not taking you anywhere.


That’s the AFC. Later this week, I will break down the NFC, and see how I have teams running out there. Thanks for reading feel free to leave any comments or criticisms please!



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