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LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!

GibsonPatricia McAllister employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District should be fired immediately. 

How can this type of hate speech be considered acceptable at any level from this academic organization.  Mel Gibson was run out of LA for his drunken anti-Semitic rants caught on video.  Ms. McAllister was not drunk at the time at least not in the traditional sense. 

In a city that is so prone to violence and riots this type of 1935 Germany talk cannot be allowed to stand.  How can any student, especially those that might be Jewish, ever feel comfortable walking into an LAUSD school building? 

Welcome to Mel Gibson High, bar to the left no "Jews" allowed of course.   Talk about Bullying, what’s next at LAUSD Swastikas for the school symbol and an Iron Eagle for a mascot.  If one child is hurt because of the rhetoric, she will in part have blood on her hands and so will the LAUSD. 


The intoxicant that this woman is under is worse than any substance her students might be selling on a street corner.  Her toxin of choice is envy; she injects it with a needle of fear and a rubber strap of ignorance.  She is looking for a boogey man to blame for the failings in her life and the “Jews” are an all too easy target.  Never mind the drug dealers that sell this crap.

This woman’s ignorance is only multiplied (if they still teach that there) by the fact that so many people of note, including our President are running to be a part of these foul, misguided and meaningless OCCUPY protests which claim in part to want to end capitalism.  And replace it with what?  They won’t say publically but it is hard core socialism or communism.  The only problem with these forms of government is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend on your little personal pet project like keeping the school union’s political wing as well funded as possible.  They didn’t call it The Soviet UNION for nothing you know. 


Me, I look at the “Jews” and other well to do wealthy types on Wall Street and beyond not with envy but with inspiration.  I inspire to be that wealthy and will work hard to get there.  There is a lot of blame to go around for the current US economic situation but I am old enough to remember the Jimmy Carter Administration so I know that we will figure this all out and dig ourselves out of this mess via hard work and sacrifice not finger pointing and hatred. 

Some choose to point fingers but me, I point my finger out my front door, get myself to work and use my fingers to point to a key board.  These are the things that will, hopefully one day, make me more successful than I already am.  If I fail it will not be because of the “Jews” or Mel Gibson or any politician or any boogey man or any ignorant school employee.  It will be because I didn’t work hard enough or was not smart enough or did not plan well enough financially to meet my goals. 

It’s the “Jews” this week.  Next week it will be the “Mormons” and the week after that it will be the “Autistic” and the week after that it could be you so the LAUSD needs to put a stop to this right now.  

Patricia McAllister from the Los Angeles Unified School District should be fired immediately. 

Remember:  Freedom of speech does not include getting people killed.


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