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Kris Humphries: Another Bad Decision?


Word filters out that Kim Kardashian’s unemployed husband has been bilked out of his trousseau.

Yes, Kris Humphries found out that the man at his wedding has absconded with several hundred thousand dollars of the hard-earned money of the benched basketball star.

Andrey C. Hicks sat on the groom’s side of the aisle, and why not? The groom gifted the man’s phony hedge fund scheme with tons of investing dollars.

Though much in Humphries’s life is easy come, easy go, Kris learned how federal officials arrested the favored wedding guest in Canada as he attempted to flee to Switzerland. It seems Hicks has been running a scheme to take golden nuggets of fun from newlyweds.

Photographs from the wedding party show Hicks, laughing behind soon-to-be unhappy couple. The last laugh appears to be on Humphries, though he is out of pocket a chunk of change. There is no word on whether Humphries will ever be reunited with his money.

According to the ever-reliable TMZ, the culprit whooped it up at the wedding rehearsal dinner where he was seen stuffing his pockets with rolls of dough. Kim and Kris were, as always, oblivious.

Humphries may be the biggest loser in the scheme, especially with his NBA paychecks drying up faster than stale wedding cake and the price of a good divorce lawyer never cheap to retain.

Humphries may be known for his basketball swish, but lately he’s been tossing gold bricks at the backboard.

With rumors that Kim is seeking a divorce sooner than later, and with rumors the NBA may cancel the entire season even sooner than later, Kris Humphries has two strikes against him—and may foul out of tabloid gossip pages.

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