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I Am a LAUSD Robot, Er Elementary School Teacher

I teach Language Arts at the same exact time as the other teachers on the grade level at the school and for the same period of time. We all teach the same skill. I follow the scripted step-by-step lessons in the book.

No creativity. No fun or personalization in the teaching.

And then we do the same everything for Mathematics.

One size fits all. No joy.

We all give the same exact homework assignments.

LAUSD has created a district of elementary instructional robots.

Today’s teachers do not have the experiences of planning the lessons to meet the needs of a specific class or the thought process of planning lessons for the personality of the class and using the personality and skills of the teacher.

How much longer until LAUSD uses big screens and computers with one teacher for  each grade in the district and one aide to monitor several classrooms?

You do not have to pay computers salaries or benefits and they cannot unionize.


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It won't be long!

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