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Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 3: Bargaining

Stage 3 of my mourning the 2011 Phillies season has reached the bargaining stage.  The only problem is that the season is already gone, leaving nothing but "why's," "what if's" and "if only's."

For instance,

  • What if...the Phillies had just let the Braves win the last two games of the season, thereby eliminating the Cardinals from the Wild Card?
  • What if...Cliff Lee did not blow a 4 run lead in NLDS game 2?
  • If only...I had a magic wand to make it all better.
  • What if...the Phillies offense actually showed up?
  • If only...I had a time machine (*sigh*).
  • If only...this team had stayed healthy.
  • What if...Charlie Manuel had a clue about when to pull his starters?
  • If only...wishing made it so :O(

Are there any deals left to be made?  Can I bargain with the devil to rewind this horrendous end to the season?  Ok, maybe not the devil.  But how about the angry, rabid and totally evil Busch Stadium Squirrel?  Clearly, this rodent has super powers that helped propel the Cards to the World Series.

Evil squirrel

The World Freakin' Series?  The Cardinals?  A team that had literally no shot at a playoff run just weeks before the postseason?  If they win it all, they should dedicate the trophy to the Phillies, who beat the Braves, putting them in playoffs.  And the Phils then laid down and let the Cards walk all over them in the NLDS.

Not that the Cards did not earn it...they certainly did.  But the Phillies barely put up a fight, which still makes me want to travel back in time, violently shake each Phils player and scream until they WAKE UP!

Someone please wake me up...I must still be dreaming.  And oh, what a nightmare this has been.

Stay tuned for Stage 4...



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