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ESPN's Monday Night Football Sucks - Long Live Hank Jr.

Aaa - hank I tried with an open mind to watch the beginning of tonight's Monday Night Football between Da Bears and Da Lions.  To say that I could not care about this game is an overstatement.  I tried to watch the introduction which was just flat out lame.

Seeing Barry Sanders was cool but ESPN trying to make Detriot, a Democratically run into the ground, Soviet Union run blight on the American landscape into something it is not was just a joke.  On top off that they barely even mentioned the Bears at all.

I don't know about you but I like football games that have two teams playing.  The Lions are off to a good start but it's a little early to give them a Lombardi Trophy.  As I remember it, if it were not for the Cowboys Tony Romo throwing up a trifecta of lame duck passes that he didn't need to throw and Donavon McNabb just plane sucking the Lions would be an average 2-2.

Long Live Hank Williams Jr. and his introductions which got everyone excited about two teams every week regardless if they were any good or not.

Long Live Freedom of Speech which includes being able to say dumb things and not lose your rights or your job.

Never Fear Because A Country Boy Can Survive: 


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