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ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him

Aaa - hank CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS.  ESPN pulled the Hank Williams Jr. music introduction to MNF because Williams, who is very out spoken about politics, made an analogy comparing President Obama playing golf with Congressional Republican leaders to Adolph Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He did not directly call the President Adolf Hitler.

This seems like quite an overreaction by ESPN.  Williams, who sounded like he might have been a little buzzed for the Fox News Morning Show interview was expressing his disgust with the Republican leadership that, in his opinion was placating to the “enemy” (the current administration) and not standing up for their principles.

Williams is not the first person to make Hitler comparisons when talking about a US President.  A quick Google search for “BUSH HITLER COMPARISONS” came up with 1,490,000 matches in 0.13 seconds.  “OBAMA HITLER COMPARISONS” came up with 1,290,000 matches in 0.26.  So I guess President Obama has some catching up to do.

I have always hated when people trying to make political points bring up the Hitler reference.  Last time I checked both Bush and Obama combined are about 50 million dead people away from being in that elite class of leaders.  On top of that they are both US Presidents and the American people would never let that happen.

Kanyewest-katrina I jokingly wrote the title to this column before I found the news story that Kanye West had been quoted just last month saying that people look at him like Hitler.  I was going to make the comparison that many celebrities have said many dumb things about politicians over the years.  Remember West’s President “George Bush doesn't care about black people” quote post Hurricane Katrina.

Then I noticed that ABC News had done a very nice article about Kanye West’s new clothing line last month.  Hey wait isn’t ABC News owned by the same parent company Disney that owns ESPN. 

Confusing is it not!

Check out the video and make up your own mind.  Freedom of speech covers hate speech and stupid speech.

Me, I want my MNF Intro back.  It’s just not the same without it.


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