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Did Asante Samuel’s Outburst Save the Philadelphia Eagles Season?

Jacksonville_Jaguars_v_62a7A lot of people saw Asante Samuel‘s comments early last week as a potential distraction for a Philadelphia Eagles team that was heading into a must-win game against a bitter division rival. The truth is that the situation Asante Samuel created may not have been the ideal for a struggling team, but  it may very well have been the best thing he could have done for the team.

The Philadelphia Eagles have, at times, looked awful this year. There are other times that they have looked pretty good. Consistency has definitely been an issue for the team. For a team that had high expectations, as these Eagles did, that is not a good thing.  As the team faltered to a 1-4 record, the public outrage reached a fever pitch. A growing number of fans have been calling for Andy Reid to be fired.  In addition, it has been speculated over the past few years that Andy Reid’s power in the Philadelphia Eagles’ organization is beginning to erode.

What Asante Samuel did last week by saying that Howie Roseman (Eagles GM) and Joe Banner (Team President) have been playing “fantasy football” with Jeffrey Lurie’s money was essentially paint and “us against them” picture for the media and his teammates.  Asante Samuel attacked the front office of the Eagles, but he defended Coach Reid adamantly.  It was another in a long line of endorsements from Andy Reid’s players. Make no mistakes, as much as some of the fans and media in Philadelphia are not fans of Andy Reid, his players absolutely love him and would “go to war” for him as Asante Samuel said.

Samuel came out and said that Reid’s power is declining, and that Roseman and Banner are not on the same page as the Eagles coach and his locker room.  Hmm.  Those are pretty divisive terms.

One can logically conclude that if the Roseman and Banner are not on the same page as Reid and his locker room, that there is some sort of power struggle.  That power struggle coupled with the team not performing as expected despite a spending frenzy in the offseason makes it pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that  Andy Reid’s job is in jeopardy.  Hell, it’s all you hear on sports talk radio in this town.

Is it possible that what Asante Samuel did in calling out the front office and pointing out the growing divide between Reid and front office was an attempt at rallying the troops?

The players in the Eagles locker room love Andy Reid.  In 13 years, I have never heard one of Reid’s players turn on him. Samuel pointed out to those players that Reid is now coaching for his job.  They responded with the most fundamentally sound football that they have played all year.  The Eagles team that whopped up on the Dallas Cowboys is the team that all of the fans in Philadelphia have been expecting all season.  It seems that some disparaging remarks about the front office from a disgruntled cornerback that has been dangled as trade bait all season served to kick this team in its collective ass and get all of the players on the same page.

It seems to me that Asante Samuel may have unified the locker room behind Andy Reid and against the front office.  Whatever the difference was, let’s hope this team can continue to play like it did last night.


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I would like to see andy reid gone. He hasnt lost his players, it seems, but he has lost the fans. As good as the eagles looked last night, does anyone really think they are a super bowl team? His "time is yours" routine at the after-game press conferences has grown incredibly old. It is time for a change.

Get a job!
Reid is the Eagles
Who do you want?
Someone like Ray Rhodes? better yet Ritchie Kotite
Give me a break. Some Eagle fan. Your blood is probably blue.
You probably bashed Donovan McNabb.
If you're an Eagle fan you KNOW that
we were starving for exciting football
since Randall left. Donovan delivered excitement & pride to be an Eagle again
and Vick will possibly deliver the trophy, all under Coach Reid
You Moron

i would NEVER get rid of andy reid......the players get along with hm like famuly and u cant have a good team with a coach that doesnt "get along" with the plaeyrs....

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