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Dan Marino: A Record Meant To Be Broken

Images Dan Marino, arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game, is still the holder of the NFL single-season passing yardage record despite the many rule changes and countless years that have surpassed. A staggering 5,084 yards is the number that Marino threw for in 1984 as the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Marino doesn't expect that number to be the highest on the list for much longer.

So who is the candidate that may put Marino's number in the dust? Surprisingly there are far more than just one candidate on the list to beat Marino.

Those men who are set up to beat Marino include: New England's Tom Brady, New Orleans' Drew Brees, Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, Dallas' Tony Romo and Carolina rookie Cam Newton and San Diego's Philip Rivers and Detroit's Matthew Stafford would be knocking on the door.

It seems really interesting that all of the sudden, 27 years after Marino had a record breaking season, there is a group of so many coming to change the waters. But Marino agrees that the game is and has been changing so rapidly and the new rules limit contact by defensive players and penalize many of the hard attacking hits that made the safeties and linebackers of Marino's time so noteworthy. Tight ends and running backs can do more than ever, the no-huddle offense is more common, teams throw more than ever before, and receivers are bigger and far more athletic than the days of the past.

Marino is still hopeful that his name will remain among the best of the best in the record books. "I don't want anybody to break it," Marino said. "There's a lot of guys that are going to have a chance to break it, I'm sure."

So who out of all the possible record breakers do we think has the best chance? Tom Brady is definitely at the top of the heap. He has already thrown for 1,874 yards which is a fire blazing pace that could put him at over 6,000 by the end of season.

Brady's possible record breaking season is not the only one that is noteworthy. His teammate Wes Welker, wide receiver, is on pace as well to obliterate Jerry Rice's receiving yardage record number of 1,848.

This season has proven to be a season above all others with records falling at every turn, match-ups worthy of millions and millions of viewers, and injuries that have left everyone holding their breathes. One can only assume that heading into week 6 there will be huge expectations, which are sure to be partly met and partly unmet.


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