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Bye Bye Tony Sparano-Or So We Hope

Miami Dolphins

Well, it's another "L" for the Miami Dolphins after what some might  say was a humiliating loss to the New York Jets on Monday night.

Now what?

What could be worse than an 0-5 start? Pretty much nothing, it seems. Tony Sparano's now 25-28 record since his 2008 start with the Dolphins is not a number to be overjoyed about. Not to mention the fact that the Dolphins have now lost 8 straight under Sparano as well as being only 1-11 in their last 12 home games. Change is coming in Miami my friends, it's only a matter of when.

Despite the awful playing, Sparano cannot be blamed for everything.  Sparano's star player Brandon Marshall didn't serve as much help despite his 109 yards. Marshall's mysterious stumble out of bonds play, which surely should have been a touchdown, was not Sparano's fault.  Marshall's reaction? "This is embarrassing."

The quarterback situation is yet again one which begs for discussion. Matt Moore completed just 16 of 34 passes for a miniscule 204 yards. Dont forget he also threw a pass directly into the hands of Jets cornerback Darelle Revis in the end zone which was returned for a 100 yard touchdown run. Opening impression? Awful.

The Dolphins need 3 things. First and foremost, they need a new coach. Sparano is failing them, and he is failing Miami fans all around the world. Second, they need a new quarterback. Studly Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is by far the main priority but in order for them to secure him they must lose enough games to get the pick in the draft. At the rate they are going, that should not be too hard. The third, and quite possibly the most fundamental of the three, is that the Dolphins need to win at home in Sun Life Stadium. For the fans, winning at home would make going to a football game in the sunshine state about 100% more fun.

Is the team still with Sparano?

“When I get a chance to watch them in practice it immediately tells me whether they are losing focus or whether they are losing confidence. That is 100 percent not the case,” Sparano told Dolphins Digest. “When they are out there in competitive situations and they have the pride in not wanting to get beat in competitive drills, pride in wanting to beat the other guy, that tells me they are still with me.”

Sparano has had a run with the Dolphins, but not a good one. Its time for a change and its safe to say that the players, fans, and owners are looking for a way to make that change a reality.


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