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Identity Theft: Brian Wilson is a Fraud

Fear the Beard? ...

Yes, he may just steal your identity!!!

Fear the Beard a Fraud

1.  The Name: Brian Wilson is, and always will be, a Beach Boy.  It is common courtesy not to live off somebody else's established name.  Did you know David Bowie's real name is David Jones?  He changed it to Bowie because Davie Jones of the Monkees already had that name.  Remember George Bush the President?  You know exactly who I'm talking about, because even though there were two of them, the second one was George W!  Catch my drift?

2.  The Image: A black beard..really? Are you familiar with Edward Teach?  He is the real Blackbeard, you know, the Pirate.  And yes... you would fear that beard!  He actually killed people.

Fear the Blackbeard

3.  The Stikeout Salute:  

If you've seen Wilson strike out a batter, you've seen this...

Brian Wilson Salute

If you've grown up a Pink Floyd fan, you've seen this...  

Fear the Pink Floyd


The truth is he just wants to sell you something...

Billy Mays fear the Beard

But watch out... the products he is selling you are stolen too!!!



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