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Boston Bruins Charged Onto the Gridiron with the New England Patriots!

Bruins Official Bruins Twitter photo of team at Gillette Stadium to help defeat Jets!





Boston Bruins made a final ceremonial visit with the Stanley Cup on Sunday, October 9th.  With a new season already underway, they must relinquish the Cup until the new victors can take possession.

With fitting fashion for the spectacular, the Bruins chose to show up at the New England Patriots game against those despicable New York Jets.

Since the Bruins have taken the Cup everywhere in New England, it was only proper and courteous to give Bill Belichick a peek at it.

If any action could prove the solidarity of Boston sports teams, it was the majority of the Bruins taking their world championship symbol to share with the Patriots.

Bill Belichick was on the sidelines, delighted to receive the passing of the torch. He had attended Bruin playoff games just a few short months ago. 

As though to prove the mantle was ready for a new Boston championship team, the Bruins yanked off their hockey jerseys to wear the corresponding numbers of the Patriots.

Though the Bruins charged onto the field in flip-flops, they were not flops, but grand hits.

Bruins captains joined Patriot captains for the traditional coin toss at midfield.

The appreciative crowd seemed dazzled by all the winners in one stadium. Not since the Bruins went to Fenway Park with the Cup in June, throwing out 20 first balls to corresponding Red Sox, has there been such an epic in Boston.

When Boston teams lend their support and magic to each other, there is a sense of destiny. It may only be topped by the chariot race in Ben-Hur as a show.

The Red Sox were waylayed in their attempt to win again, but the Patriots are more than ready to receive the talisman of the gods.

Milan Lucic, Tuuka Rask, Brad Marchand, and Zdeno Chara joined with leader Tim Thomas. It was another glorious moment on a spectacular holiday weekend for New England sports fans.

The Bruins brought good luck to the Patriots as Tom Brady’s team defeated Tyrannosaurus Rex Ryan and his raptor Jets. Brady unceremoniously ran off the field at the end, ignoring the traditional handshake with his despised enemies.

Next afternoon the Bruins had a game after a night of luxury box beer guzzling at Gillette Stadium, just like they were Boston Red Sox starting pitchers.

They promptly lost their game 1-0.


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