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 A  CANDIDATE WITH GUTS AND THE COJONES the size of melons to be a candidate for President of the USA in 2012!

Opinions are like noses everyone has one, and this is my opinion. It is not time to play favors.   I believe that the GOP has already made a choice. They like Mitt Romney because he is part of the old machine and has plenty of money compared to the other candidates.

The GOP is going to be sorry if they do this, why?  Because Romney is the creator of Healthcare in his State of MA, and the Democrat candidate will throw this in Romney’s face all the time during the debate. The people will be brainwashed as always by the democrat candidate and the socialist machine. When Election Day comes, the people will vote for this fraudulent leader.

So it is going to be very sad situation for Romney and for all of us. So they need to think about it and don’t play favors. They need to dissect; I mean study very close who is the one that has a chance to beat Obama. I already did my homework.  I believe that here we have one person that can beat this fraudulent President, and that person is HERMAN CAIN.

I believe that Mr. Cain is being underestimated by the GOP.  I have several reasons why I believe that Mr. Herman Cain is the right candidate to represent the GOP and WE THE PEOPLE.

1. Mr. Cain is a very intelligent man.

2. Mr. Cain can think on his feet.

3. He is a great ad lib speaker.

4. He doesn’t need to sleep with his teleprompter.

5. He has experienced the world as the leader of a successful company.



So I believe that Mr. Cain is the right candidate. Why do you think the media is trying to destroy him? BECAUSE CAIN IS THE WORSE NIGHTMARE OF THIS ADMINISTRATION AND HIS CRONIES! Please speak and let me know who is your candidate and why?

I am the girl that came from hell and I am not planning on going back to hell. I came to America to stay. My love for America is branded in my heart. Love ya, Juliya Kazimirov.


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So who's it going to be; Mr. Wuss or someome who is going to stand up for us?
Its up to us and our vote.

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